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    Max Power 1920W & 30W(3USB&1Type C) Super Fast Charging Universal Travel Adapter Worldwide Travel Power Adapter Universal Wall Adapter with PD and Quick Charge 3.0 for US EU UK AUS (Package may vary)

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    travel adapter with PD / Worldwide Travel Power Adapter / Universal Wall Adapter

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    Five Advantages Of Products

    • [ALL IN ONE TRAVEL ADAPTER] This travel power adapter provides you with a simple way to charge multiple devices anywhere you go. It’s designed with 4 USB ports and socket converter that allow you to charge 5 devices simultaneously and can be used in UK/AUS/EURO/USA and more to keep your devices charged.
    • [STURDY & FIRE RESISTANT] Our universal travel adapter is made of using durable and sturdy fire-resistant material to make sure you don’t have to worry about overheating. You can easily choose the plug type that you want by sliding the sliders located on the sides to match the sockets of different countries/regions.
    • [LIGHT & PORTABLE] We designed this detachable charger to easily fit inside your luggage.
    • [FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES] Thanks to the AC Power Socket and Four USB Charging Ports that are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones, it provides a stable power output while maintaining a fast charge. It uses intelligent chip technology to identify the device to ensure just the right power output allowing you to use it with phones, hairdryers, laptops, tablets and more. Macbook Air can be charged through USB Type C without the heavy charger.
    • [QUICK CHARGE] PD suoport 5V/3A, 9V/2A,15V/1.5A, compatible with all quick charge mobile, 50min 50% power

    Product Details


    Product name:  Travel Adaptor

    Model number:HHT901

    Available color:  Black, white

    Product weight: 130g

    Product size: 68*58*56MM

    Metal material: Copper

    Plasctic: ABS+PC

    Rated voltage: 100V-250V

    Socket current: 8A

    Max power: 1920W

    USB output: 6A total max

    Type-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A ,12V/1.5A

    Plug type:CN/US/AUS,EU,UK

    Product certificates:CE,FCC,ROHS,PSE,CP65,WEEE

    Suitable area: Global 150+countries


    European Type
    Germany,Danmark,Finland,France,Norway,Poland,Portugal,South Korea, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary,Switzerland,Czech Republic,The Netherlands, Turkey, Slovakia,Spain,Weden,Morocco,etc.
    UK Type
    Baharain,Belize,Botwana,Brunei,Vyprus,Dominica,England,Ghana,Gibraltar,Hongkong,Iraq,Ireland, Kenya,Macau,Malta, Malaysia, Nigeria,Nothern Ireland, Oman,Qatar,St.Lucia,St.Vincent,Saudi Arabia,Scotland,Singapore,Sri Lanka,Tanzania,Uganda,UAE,United Kindom,Wales,Yemen,Zimbawe,etc.
    American Type
    USA,Canada,Japan,Taiwan,Columbia,Mexico,Panama,Philipines,Venezuela,Vietnam,Costa Rica,Ecuador,Guam,Honduras,Jamacica etc.
    Australian Type
    Mainland China,Australia,New Zealand,Argentina,Fiji,Kiribati,Nauru,Salomon Island,Tonga,Western Samoa,etc.

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