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    Birthday gift,promotion gift/wedding gift/gift item business gift Dual USB smart plug 4 in 1 travel adapter gift set

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    travel adapter gift set / gift item / 4 in 1 plug adapter

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    Five Advantages Of Products

    • [ International Adapter ] The Travel Adapter covers over 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AUS plugs and Powerful USB Port. It can be worked in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and so on.
    • [ Small size ] portable size, you can put anywhere.
    • [ Cheap price ] Best price at $2.3, big quantity will have big discount. Perfect promotional gift .
    • [ Short leadtime ] 3-5days delivery.
    • [ High quality ] metal material use full copper, using age long as 3 year at least.

    Product Details


    Product name: 4 in 1 usb travel adpter

    Model number: HHT932

    Available color: black,white

    Available plugs:US EU AUS UK     


    Rated current: 6A                                

    USB output:5.0V1000MA                    

    Housing Material:PC+ABS 

    Product size: 87x59x47mm*110g

    Available packaging:color/white box  




    CTN SIZE: 31.5*29*29CM


    Feature:all in design,can use to 150+ countries


    European Type

    Germany,Danmark,Finland,France,Norway,Poland,Portugal,South Korea, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary,Switzerland,Czech Republic,The Netherlands, Turkey, Slovakia,Spain,Weden,Morocco,etc.

    UK Type

    Baharain,Belize,Botwana,Brunei,Vyprus,Dominica,England,Ghana,Gibraltar,Hongkong,Iraq,Ireland, Kenya,Macau,Malta, Malaysia, Nigeria,Nothern Ireland, Oman,Qatar,St.Lucia,St.Vincent,Saudi Arabia,Scotland,Singapore,Sri Lanka,Tanzania,Uganda,UAE,United Kindom,Wales,Yemen,Zimbawe.

    American Type

    USA,Canada,Japan,Taiwan,Columbia,Mexico,Panama,Philipines,Venezuela,Vietnam,Costa Rica,Ecuador,Guam,Honduras,Jamacica etc.

    Australian Type

    Mainland China,Australia,New Zealand,Argentina,Fiji,Kiribati,Nauru,Salomon Island,Tonga,Western Samoa,etc.

    Hongkong Red River Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

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