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  • One type C not enough? 2 Type C + 4USB universal travel adapter come!

    Release time: 2020-03-20 17:51:35  Hits: 53

    901 4U+2C (1).jpg

    No matther you want Type A port usb charging appliances, or Type C port usb charging your appliances, it can solve all of your devices!

    Very easy to handle!

    Small size!

    Luxurious appearance!

    One adapter one world!

    Model numer: HHT901

    1. Built-in smart voltage identifying IC,protecting from overcurrent,overvoltage,overload,short Circuit

    2. ≥8 hours aging test,USB passes 3000V test

    3. Input: 100V – 240V

    4. Double fuse: 8A   MAX.

    5. Rated power: e.g. at  100V–600W/240V–1920W

    6. USB output:5V DC 6A

          Type C: 5V/3A

    7. Plug: AUS、US、EU、UK Four specifications can be switched at will

    Product size: LWH:70*58*54mm   N.W: 141g

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